Wish to discover breath-taking beauty of the Northeast this holiday season? Aayush Holidays would take you on a memorable journey to the enchanting North East. If you are from Bangalore, we offer the best Northeast tour packages from Bangalore.North East – lovingly called the land of seven sisters is adorned with magnificent hills and a wide variety of flora and fauna. With its fascinating beauty, and unique charm, North East tour packages from Bangalore would leave you amazed.

A wonderland surrounding of high mountains, green plains, wild sanctuaries with plenty of wildlife, the vibrant festivals and lush green nature. That is North East... Get customized Bangalore to North East tour packages and explore the unexplored.

The Kaziranga National Park in Assam, the UNESCO World Heritage sanctuary is the home to the big one-horned rhinos, tigers, elephants, sambar deer and wild water buffaloes, along with different species of birds. The lush forests, the variety of wild animals, along with a wide range of flowers make the place a must visit for everyone.

Get yourself soaked in the natural beauty of the wonderful Tawang valley in Arunachal Pradesh. TheMonpa villages, Buddhist monasteries and beautiful mountain ridges make the place a nature’s paradise. Do not forget to explore the magical TawangGompa, considered as the biggest attraction of Tawang Valley. The chanting of Buddhist mantras, the Buddhist monasteries and the auspicious prayer wheels makes the ambience divine.

With North East tour packages from Bangalore, visit Agartala, one of the seven sisters in the North East. Get a historical flavour of the Ujjayanta Palace, adome-capped palace with two big reflecting ponds in the front portion. You will get to see a durbar hall, throne room, reception hall and library, along with a museum preserved by the Tripura Government. Book North East tour packages from Bangalore through Aayush Holidays and view the aesthetic artwork, cultural heritage and maginificence of Ujjayanta Palace.

You may also visit the NeerMahal, the lake palace of Tripura that lies in the most spectacular Rudra Sagar Lake. The palace gives a glimpse of culture and traditions followed by both Muslim and Hindu people.

We, at Aayush Holiday provide first-rate North East tour packages from Bangalore that would let you have a wonderful experience without any hassles. From ticket booking, hotel reservation, car rental services, and making arrangements for different sports and adventurous activities, our experienced team would guide you in every step to make your holidays fascinating and enjoying.

Aayush Holiday Offers Exciting Seasonal North East Tour Packages from Bangalore

The northeast has India's richest and most diverse ecosystems. Choose from several natural sites, thrilling activities, excellent restaurants, and more. Any of the states, cities, towns, or villages in this area will be great. 

Aayush Holidays’ north east tour packages from Bangalore will enhance your touring experience. There is something for every type of traveller on Aayush Holidays' extensive north east packages from Bangalore. You should check the internet for the perfect price. Ask if you can't find an answer, and we'll respond quickly.

Our Handpicked Seasonal North East Tour Packages from Bangalore

  • Summertime in North Eastern India

The North East is popular in summer. North East India attracts many tourists between May and July due to the summer holiday and the cool hills that cool the plains. We offer a weeklong north east trip from Bangalore to Meghalaya and Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, increasing in popularity around this season.

  • Monsoon-era Northeast India

The monsoon season begins early in North East India. The rainy season in Assam, Meghalaya, and other nearby states often starts at the end of March. This early rainfall gives everything a pristine coat of green and brings in drifting clouds, giving the area a lovely appearance. If you're looking for lush vegetation, fluffy clouds, and rushing waterfalls then opt for our monsoon special northeast tour packages from Bangalore.

  • Winter in Northeast India

Winters are chilly and icy. Snow makes long-distance travel harder. Extreme cold is possible, with temperatures frequently falling below 0 degrees Celsius. This time of year, the greatest spots to visit include Gangtok, Rinchenpong, and Pelling. Our local guide will take you to amazing places where you will enjoy snowfall with your friends and family.

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